The purpose of the wollastonite and markets

Long-term production practice and scientific experiments show that tea picking and tea growth and development are closely related.Some tea leaves are picked by hand, Picking per capita system of long-term professional training to ensure that each rod can support the finest tea tea. Support the color of the tea industry Run green, fragrance lasting.

Fuluomen have their own tea garden of 2000 acres, specializing in the production of Ying De Hong. Tea Garden climate suitable for "high cliffs, the tree roots" of plant growth form a rich organic matter in soil nutrients, is Germany famous organic tea.

Engage in the use of professional tea tea technology, solar insecticide, artificial weeding, to achieve pollution-free, made of natural pollution-free tea.

【Solar insects】
Using sun light insecticidal, pollution-free, pollution-free, conducive to growth of Ying De Hong

Toxic and difficult to clean; effects of Ying De Hong in health

【Artificial grass】
Health, green, pollution-free

Chemicals that damage the quality of black tea in original terms, and harmful to the human body

The main effect of wollastonite is used in plastic can improve the impact strength of products, enhance the liquidity and improve the tensile strength, tensile and linear shrinkage rate. .

  Wollastonite is used in coating has a good reinforcement can improve the toughness and durability, and can keep the paint surface smooth and good light degree. And improves the resistance to wash and weathering resistance, can also reduce paint and ink oil absorption and keep alkaline, has the ability to resist corrosion. Can get high quality color bright paint, and with good properties and anti-aging performance. Make the paint can get better mechanical strength, increase the durability and enhance the adhesion and corrosion resistance. There are good coverage and adhesion. In the applications of ceramic, can increase the strength of the ceramic body and ceramic products, reduce the ceramic pieces and glaze stain, increase surface gloss glaze, also can reduce the consumption of fuel (can save fuel 60%); Used in ceramics and glass manufacturing calcium oxide and silicon dioxide in the process of raw material and low temperature flux of metallurgical industry.

Company Introduction

Dalian rich auspicious metals and minerals co., LTD., is approved by the national foreign trade department is given priority to with import and export business of China and South Korea joint ventures. Mainly engaged in mineral products processing and new materials research and development. The company through the ISO: 9001 quality system certification, is the standing director unit of plastic modified committee, wires and cables, flame retardant association member unit, executive director of the

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